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Chris Ofili

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Chris Ofili was born in 1968 and was english born. He studied art at the Chelsea school of Art in London from 1988-1991and at the Royal school of art from 1991-1993. Chris Ofili’s ways of painting are extremely original, he is probably most known for his use of Elephant dung on his paintings which was quite a controversy. His work is also built up with numerous amounts of layers of paint, glitter, resin and many other materials in order to make this crazy collage. In his painting of no woman no cry which you can see here┬áto the left, he uses two lumps of elephant dung in order to set the painting and another to be used as the penant. Just an example of his work.


John Ashcroft

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Right after the 9/11 attacks John Ashcroft, Attorney General, was photographed at the Great Hall in front of the two nude statues. But, John Ashcroft was not comfortable speaking in front of such statues so he had them draped. These Blue Drapes cost the United States Government 8,000 dollars. The Attorney General said that the blue drapes were an aesthetic and that they provided a good background for the tv cameras.