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Mozart Artist?

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Earlier in the year we talked about what normal characteristics were for artists we came up with a few. For example, Depressed, Psychotic, Suicidal, Poverty, Eccentric, Lonely, Family Issues. In the movie Amadeus we find that Mozart falls under a couple of these charactersitics. His eccentric behavior is probably his strongest characteristic. He has so much natural talent that it comes very easy to him and he treats everything as if it were a game. He had family issues because of this behavior as well as money issues. For most of his career he lived in poverty spending way too much and was known as a debter in Vienna. All of these characteristics run true with numerous amount of artists. 



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Last week we watched the movie Amadeus by: Peter Schaeffer which showed the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It showed how much Antonio Salieri who is very much the main character in the movie despised Wolfgang. It is hinted but we don’t know for sure yet that Antonio Salieri is responsible for the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In the movie Mozart is portrayed as this annoying creature that was “God” gifted with his musical ability. We only watched an hours worth of this movie but, I am sure that the movie will unravel it self as we go along. 

Guernica + Van Gogh

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van-gogh-8.jpgIn this past weeks topic of Art and War I felt like for once I actually sat down and analyzed some form of art. The piece that we analyzed in class had a story behind it and after learning more about the Spanish Civil war I realized how much the painting actually had to do with the pain and anguish that overtook the Bask town of Guernica. The painting had different sections that told different stories and had different representations. We also analyzed Vincent Van Gogh who I found to be quite the character. His crazy behavior gave different meanings to his paintings and the fact that knowing his personality and the history of his life could let you know that there was meaning and there was thought behind everything. It gave me a different outlook on art and I can say that I am curious to learn more about these different artists.